Gallery: See all 31 of DWITT’s Growler covers


David Witt at the 2015 Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival // Photo by Aaron Davidson

Original art by David Witt, better known to Growler readers as DWITT, has graced the cover of The Growler since its inception with issue #1 in June 2012. After issue #31 in May 2016, David will be moving on to focus more on illustrating comic books and spending time with his growing family.

David’s unique style helped make The Growler stand out on newsstands, set us apart from other magazines, and truly helped shape our identity. We’ll sincerely miss having his art on the cover of our magazine. While we’re excited to show the world a new artistic direction this June, the change will be bittersweet.

Keep up with David and wish him well on Twitter and Instagram, and see the below gallery for each of his various covers. What’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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