Fulton Joins the Canning Party


Fulton’s new 16 oz. cans // Courtesy of Fulton Brewing Company

Minneapolis’ Fulton Brewing Company is adding a canning line to its Northeast Minneapolis brewery and will release its Sweet Child of Vine IPA and Lonely Blonde American Blonde Ale in four-packs of 16 oz. cans beginning in early May.

Fulton is the latest Twin Cities brewery to begin canning its beers, following recent can-adopters Summit, Bent Brewstillery612 Brew, Badger Hill and others. It will continuing releasing Sweet Child of Vine and Lonely Blonde in 12 oz. bottles, and seasonal and limited release beers will continue to be bottle-only for the foreseeable future. Fulton also said it plans to release more beers in cans down the line (pun intended).

Fulton initially made the announcement under the guise of an April Fools Day tweet, in which the labels looked haphazardly slapped together over what appears to be a can of Guinness.

But after receiving feedback on its initial announcement, the brewery decided to “fix” the labels.

Finally, earlier today Fulton confirmed the canning announcement wasn’t just an April Fools Day prank and released the actual label designs.

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