Famed architect Frank Gehry to redesign the Los Angeles river basin waterway

LA river

Architect Frank Gehry is working with the city of Los Angeles to redevelop the Los Angeles River Basin, reports The Los Angeles Times

Gehry’s involvement marks a potential turning point in a decades-long struggle to reinvent the river and its concrete-lined banks. The 51-mile-long basin is currently desolate, despite being the city’s central waterway.

Since last year, Gehry, one of the world’s best-known architects thanks to projects like the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, has been quietly at work on “the beginnings of an overarching plan for the bridges, bike paths, walkways, and other improvements intended to revive public use of the river as it winds from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach,” according to city officials.

Some of the activists who helped draw attention to the cause aren’t happy about Gehry’s involvement, however. Those opposed are expressing concern about the secrecy surrounding his work and the lack of public input on what could be a far-reaching blueprint for the river’s future. They also warn that announcing a new direction for river redevelopment might imperil federal funding for a $1.4-billion, 11-mile restoration project in northeast Los Angeles and downtown.

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