Fair State Brewing Coop & Bauhaus to release collaboration beer

Niko Tonks, the head brewer over at Fair State, has been looking to collaborate with Matt Schwandt and the Bauhaus crew for over a year. “It’s not hard to find people to collaborate, it’s hard to find the time to do it” says Tonks. Schwandt mirrored his desire to team up with Niko and the team at Fair State noting that he and Niko have been discussing this before he (Tonks) was even at Fair State Brewing. “From the very first conversation I had with Niko (when he was brewing for Sociable), I knew we shared a similar brewing philosophy of brewing refreshingly balanced beers. We’d been discussing doing a collaboration beer for some time, and Niko had the idea of doing a no-frills, straight up Munich Helles” says Schwandt.

The beer will be called Das Homeguys Helles and will be a Munich Helles lager. This is a style that is tried and true over in the home country (Germany) but there will be a slight twist to this one. “The one thing we did differently is that we added more aroma hops than the Germans would have” according to Tonks. At 4.8% ABV and only 18 IBUS, this one was brewed in perfect timing with the weather.

Both Niko and Matt love clean, easy drinking, and well-made lagers. “I loved the idea because Helles is one of my favorite lager styles, and it’s the perfect patio weather beer, light and refreshing, low ABV and hop rates with an incredibly satisfying maltiness says Schwandt.

“This is an outside, warm weather beer” added Niko.

Look for this at both breweries during 10,000 Minutes of Minnesota Craft Beer week, which runs May 9–May 15. The release date for the Bauhaus taproom will be at noon on Saturday, May 14. The Fair State release is slated for a noon release on Sunday, May 15.

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