Deschutes Brewery Conflux Series #3 Dopple Dinkle Bock

BACCHUS_DeschutesDeschutes Brewery Conflux Series #3 Dopple Dinkle Bock
10.7% ABV

Pour this bomber into a good, clean glass and marvel at its deep reddish-Amber hue underneath the caramel-blonde head that is as thick as cool whip. I would call it a “Big Ol’ Frothy” head. Inhale and your nose is filled with intense aromas of banana, bubble gum, nail polish, clove, and spice. I noticed a bit of alcohol on the nose, but nothing to indicate the 10% range. This is a malt bomb! Your tongue is bombarded with the beer’s dense malt sweetness. The spices on the nose are also on the tongue and waves of warming alcohol tie all the deliciousness together. This reminds me of dunking banana bread into a chai tea latte. I would serve this with hearty spicy dishes like andouille sausage gumbo, hot buffalo wings, or blackened catfish.


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