Dangerous Man and Electric Fetus Collaborate to Create Record Store Day Beer


Dangerous Man Brewing Company and Electric Fetus collaborated to create Record Store Day Beer

Music and beer collaborations are nothing new, from Dogfish Head’s interpretation of Miles Davis’ experimental album Bitches Brew to create an ale by the same name, to the recent teaming of Surly Brewing Company and hip-hop collective Doomtree to create the aptly named Surly Doomtree. The partnerships are often born out of a desire to create one-off beers for concerts or special tributes to legends like Davis, however for Record Store Day 2015 this Saturday, April 18, Dangerous Man Brewing Company has teamed up with Minneapolis record store institution Electric Fetus to create a one-of-a-kind golden ale.

Dubbed Record Store Day Beer and brewed with spices and Belgian yeast, the beer is meant to replicate the sensory experience of shopping at Electric Fetus. It pours a light gold, befitting of its title as a sessionable golden ale. It has a frothy head with an effervescent carbonation that illuminates the spices, bringing them to the forefront atop a floral base. The beer, concocted both to fit a spring seasonal and to match the tastes of Electric Fetus staff, conjures the exotic in the spices but it’s subtle and easy-going, just like the bright, sunny day the record shop is hoping for this Saturday. It’s similar to the Dangerous Man’s Belgian Strong Golden, but comes in at 6.0% ABV and 23 IBUs, a sessionable pour for the start of t-shirt weather. It’s a classic, refreshing spring beer, clean and brisk.

Record Store Day Beer will only be available at the Dangerous Man taproom. Similar to how Record Store Day was conceived to bring music fans to their independent shops, Electric Fetus is passing the baton and encouraging people to visit Dangerous Man’s taproom to try the beer. Customers who hit the Fetus’ festivities on Saturday will get $1 off pints of the specialty beer if they show their receipt at the taproom.

The beer itself premieres a night early at Dangerous Man on Friday, April 17—think of it as a record release party, where the devoted can line up and get a first listen.

mash in

Electric Fetus General Manager Aaron Meyerring adds malt to the mash tun for Record Store Day Beer

While Dangerous Man crafted the recipe, Electric Fetus General Manager Aaron Meyerring helped make it happen. Though Meyerring had some experience with the brewing process from homebrewing with his brother, seeing the beer come together at Dangerous Man was a new experience.

“The comparison I would make is a home chef grilling burgers on their backyard grill versus a professional smoke house putting out great BBQ,” he says. “The equipment and attention to detail at Dangerous Man were the things that really stuck in my mind.” Notably, he adds, the attention to pH levels in the water and the precision in preparation struck a chord.

Meyerring even got to help during mash-in, pouring malt into the mash tun. “At 50 pounds a bag, I am just glad I didn’t drop one in the kettle or spill it all over,” he reflects, clearly feeling more at home among stacks of vinyl than buried in grain.


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