Craft Cocktail: Wicker Chair Widow’s Kiss at Al’s Place

The Wicker Chair Widow's Kiss at Al's Place // Photo by Sam Ziegler

The Wicker Chair Widow’s Kiss at Al’s Place // Photo by Sam Ziegler

All month long, we’ve been traipsing through orchards in search of the botanical complexity that marks a well-crafted cider. For our cocktail, we wanted something just as floral and herbaceous made with an apple spirit. 

We found it at Al’s Place, the Prohibition-era inspired top floor of Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room, where drinks are named for furniture and the recipes are a century old.

“Every single drink on any of our lists I need to see in a book that was published before 1924,” says Al’s bar manager Jon Robinson, noting that the Widow’s Kiss dates to 1895. He starts the drink with Crooked Water Minneapple Brandy, a spirit that’s matured in both bourbon and port barrels, giving it a rounded sweetness and velvety finish. Yellow Chartreuse was a relatively new product when this cocktail was formulated, a milder variant of the famously punchy green liqueur. And where Chartreuse goes, Benedictine can’t be far behind, adding a complementary herbal sweetness.

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“I love this cocktail,” Robinson says. “You get those comforting notes of oak, baking spice, and apple from the brandy, but as your palate desensitizes you get those Chartreuse notes—that spring-like, botanical flavor comes in. And the Benedictine is a mouth-coater; it’s like oil in a cocktail, gives it a great mouthfeel and it brings out those baking spice notes.”

The flavor of brandy would be drowned by the original 1895 formula (2 parts brandy, 1 part of each liqueur). The proportion tweak allows each bit player to shine in turn—evolving from sweet, to herbal, to a dry, spiced finish. There’s time enough for dour Manhattans in the months ahead. Give me a lively Widow’s Kiss while there are still green leaves on the apple trees.

The ingredients of the Wicker Chair Widow's // Photo by Sam Ziegler

The ingredients of the Wicker Chair Widow’s Kiss // Photo by Sam Ziegler

Wicker Chair Widow’s Kiss

2 ounces Crooked Water Minneapple Brandy
ounce Yellow Chartreuse
ounce Benedictine
2 dashes Angostura bitters

Stir over ice and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon coin.

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