Bull Falls Holzhacker Lager

PRINCETON_BullFallsBull Falls Brewery

Holzhacker Lager
5.5% ABV, 14.7 IBU

Ever eat Corn Flakes for breakfast? This full-bodied Helles lager will bring to mind that cereal, matching the grain flavor with sweetness on the backend. A grainy wheat bread nose dominates, with a dry finish. Everything about the Holzhacker fits the Helles lager profile in the best way: It’s nice, easy, and bright.

Princeton’s Liquor

12790 Bass Lake Rd, Maple Grove

341 Central Ave, Osseo

The Princeton’s name has been in the booze industry since 1934, the year Princeton’s Saloon opened. In 1979, Joel Princeton opened up Princeton’s Liquors in Maple Grove. In 1997, his son Bill started and developed an affinity to beers not served at college parties. His love for craft beers helped turn Princeton’s Maple Grove into the craft beer store it is today.


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