Brooklyn Brewery’s ‘Twin Cities Mash’ is Back August 9-16


Photos by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Brooklyn Brewery events producer Meg Stemmler, house chef Andrew Gerson, and other notables from the brewery crew have spent much of the past several months on the road—and in the air. The international Mash Tour will have them bouncing from city to city for a few more stops, including a visit to Minneapolis-St. Paul this August 9th through the 16th.


To bring their “series celebrating what’s next in food, film, comedy, music, books, and beer” to culturally-inclined beer lovers in 12 North American and European cities. After wrapping up in London on August 3rd, they’ll head back to their home base in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to regroup and prepare for their next tour stop—the Twin Cities.

A Brief History of the Mash Tour


Photos by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

This is only the second annual Mash Tour, but the popular and well publicized campaign is already among the most talked about craft beer-inspired cultural celebrations in the land.

“The Mash is an extension of Brooklyn Brewery’s 26 year history supporting artists, chefs, and cultural organizations,” says Meg Stemmler, Producer of The Mash. “We strive to present a diverse line-up of events that offers something for everyone.”

Translation: Beer may be what binds us, but its not the only thing we have in common.

The tour’s website bills the tour as “America’s largest traveling food and arts festival,” and we’ll take their word for it. An early arrival on the craft beer scene, the brewery has spent the last quarter century building a tremendous amount of street cred in New York’s arts and culinary communities. Lots of breweries tout these types of connections, but Brooklyn has the resources and the will to walk the walk, helping them forge real and lasting relationships with some of the Western Hemisphere’s most creative people.

One of those creatives is Monica Walch, founder of the Minnesota-based Dinner on the Farm. Though Minnesotans are familiar enough with Dinner on the Farm’s incomparable farm-to-table events, the rest of the country has some catching up to do. Stemmler met Walch on last year’s tour. Taken with her down-to-earth philosophy and attention to detail, Stemmler implored Walch to appear at all 12 stops on this year’s docket, producing a Dinner on the Farm in each tour stop this year. By now, foodies in two European capitals, not to mention food-crazy U.S. cities like Chicago, D.C., Nashville, and New Orleans have enjoyed the authentic farm-to-table experiences curated by Ms. Walch.

Dinner on the Farm's Monica Walch // Photos by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Dinner on the Farm’s Monica Walch // Photos by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

It’s not as if Brooklyn’s sole reason for coming here is some sort of quid pro quo arrangement with DOTF. Walch’s organization is just a small part of what drew Stemmler and company back to the Twin Cities.

“We choose locations that have dynamic and vibrant communities with a great love for craft beer and great food,” she says. “Our series is consistent throughout the tour but we work with distinct local partners, artists, chefs, musicians, purveyors, and businesses in each Mash city.”

And the event builds on itself. Just two years in, says Stemmler, “We have established an international network of passionate and innovative business owners, artists, entrepreneurs, and taste makers in every city we’ve presented the series.” That makes future collaborations between Brooklyn and complementary, non-NYC organizations more likely—whether they’re meet-and-greets at art spaces or tap takeovers at local pubs.

What to Expect at Twin Cities Mash

Here’s a roundup of what you can expect at Twin Cities Mash. You can find more information here.

Brooklyn Beer Here

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

From August 9–15, Brooklyn will host a whole mess of tap takeovers and related events around town:

  • Lake Wine & Cheese: Eat Drink & Learn with Andrew Gerson, 2pm 8/9, wherein Brooklyn’s in-house chef pairs “perfect beer & cheese bites.” Mmm.
  • Liquor Lyles: $4 pints, all night long, 8/9. Nuff said.
  • Pat’s Tap: Beer brunches! (aka “Man’s Greatest Invention”) 8/9 and 8/10. Six Brooklyn beers on tap. Nine regular menu items, plus two specials. Nice.
  • Muddy Waters: Brooklyn tap takeover, 8/11. All day. On a Monday. They can’t even count all the beers that will be there.
  • Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room: Brooklyn tap takeover, 8/15. Same as Muddy Waters, basically, but in Northeast and on a Friday. You should probably just go to both.

Dinner on the Farm with Andrew Gerson

Photo by Reaux Photo, Reaux Photo

Photo by Reaux Photo, Reaux Photo

Sunday, August 10, at 3pm Luster Lands Organic Farm in Harris. Tickets are $55, a small price to pay for an afternoon and evening that you won’t soon forget. From Stemmler: “I am excited about the “homecoming” Dinner on the Farm event. Monica has a real talent for bringing people together for an authentic experience and we can’t wait to celebrate this great partnership in her hometown.”

Craft Beer Revolution

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

A high-level discussion of the “past, present, and future” of the American craft brewing industry. In addition to local craft beer luminaries like Ryan Petz of Fulton Brewery, Jace Marti of Schell’s, Deb Loch of now-open-for-real Urban Growler Brewing Company, and Joe Alton of The Growler Magazine, the founder of Brooklyn Brewery Steve Hindy will be on hand to discuss his new book and America’s “Craft Beer Revolution.” Monday 8/11 at 6:30pmFree with RSVP (includes one beer).

Brooklyn Ha-Ha

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

A handful of Brooklyn-based comics, including a current Daily Show writer, hold court at the Nomad World Pub at 7pm on Tuesday 8/12. Tickets are also $6.

Found Footage Festival

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

An offbeat blend of “found” videos and live comedy with Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, two (kind of) famous comics who have been at it for a long time, at the Fine Line at 8pm on Tuesday 8/12. Tickets are $13. Can you do Brooklyn Ha-Ha and this one in the same night? We don’t see why not.

Mash EDU: Beer and Spice Making Nice


Chef Andrew Gerson dives deep into food and beer pairings—four, to be exact, with detailed explanations of the science behind each. The focus of the evening is spice, according to Mash’s website, so plan accordingly. Come to Kitchen in the Market at the Midtown Global Market at 7pm on Wednesday 8/13. Ticket price TBA.

Summer Feast & Soiree w/ Chef Thomas Boemer & Chef Andrew Gerson

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

We don’t know where this will be yet because it’s, you know, a pop-up dinner party. Summer Feast is a regular fixture of the Mash tour—they do one in every city. It’s two chefs for the price of one ($75, but who’s counting?) Says Stemmler: “It’s going to be wonderful evening featuring Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson and Corner Table Chef Thomas Boemer. The evening will also feature artists, live music, Brooklyn beer, and more.” Thursday 8/14 at 7pm.

Mash EDU, Homebrewer Edition

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Jeff Merriman, the GM of Northern Brewer’s Minneapolis store, dispenses knowledge to a rapt, pro-homebrewing crowd at said store (6021 South Lyndale, Minneapolis) on Saturday 8/16 at 2pm. There will be drinkable beer and much enlightenment. And tickets are free if you RSVP in advance. Be there.

Mash Bash

Mash Bash New Orleans // Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Mash Bash New Orleans // Photo by Jeromy Reaux, Reaux Photo

Amsterdam Bar & Hall hosts the Mash tour’s signature closing event, a live dance party fueled by some of Brooklyn’s hottest musical acts. Admission is free, but bring beer money. And buy swag. The party starts at 8pm on Saturday 8/16.


If you travel frequently, or you miss any of these events and really want a do-over, the Mash tour will hit a few more cities over the next few months:

  • Philadelphia, September 27–October 4
  • Boston, October 11–18
  • Miami, October 25–November 1
  • Austin, November 15–22

But seriously, you should hit up the Twin Cities tour and show Brooklyn how we do. Cheers!


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