A Heart to Heart with Lift Bridge Brewing’s Matt Hall

G: How did you connect with the other guys at Lift Bridge?

MH: I always thought that Stillwater could use a brewery and in 2010 while putting things together, bumped into Dan [Schwarz] at a Beer Dabbler—turns out he and a couple of other great guys had a similar idea.


G: What should the world know about Matt Hall? 

MH: Wow, the world wants to know about Matt Hall? If they do, I guess they should know that he’s a down-to-earth guy that enjoys a good beer, most of life’s simple pleasures, and doesn’t feel like he needs a Twitter or Facebook account.

G: What are your other passions in life? Do they influence your brewing?

MH: My family, traveling, being outdoors, great food, most things with wheels, and a great garage sale find. I would definitely say some influence my brewing as many can go hand in hand.

G: What would you be doing if you weren’t brewing professionally?

MH: I would likely stay in the fermentation sciences, but would be hard pressed to find something that I enjoy as much.


G: Who has been your biggest individual influence in brewing?

MH: There are so many great people in this industry that I draw from, but if I had to say a single person it would probably be Karl Strauss whom I got to know while working at Point. His depth of brewing knowledge, passion, lifelong dedication, and contributions to our industry were truly inspiring.

G: What keeps you inspired?

MH: Most things about our industry—customers, fellow brewers, limitless creative opportunities.

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