A Heart to Heart with Lift Bridge Brewing’s Matt Hall

By Brian Kaufenberg
Photos by Aaron Davidson


Name:  Matt Hall
Hometown: Saint Paul
Works at: Lift Bridge
Turn-Ons: Aloha, and having a beer on the bedroom deck with my wife.
Turn-Offs: Those small wooden spoons you get with single serve ice cream cups.

The Growler: First off, did Lift Bridge ever get the planter that was stolen back?

Matt Hall: Not yet, but I’m sure her grandkids are black mailing the heck out of her. Someone was awesome enough to donate a replacement

G: What’s in your fridge right now?                                                      

MH: A few Hop Dish, various Oktoberfest, and a bunch of random stuff that’s at the back I’ve forgotten about.

G: What style(s) of beer do you see trending in 2014?

MH: Well-made Minnesota craft beer and if not, shame on you.


G: What’s your favorite music to brew to?

MH: I rarely seem to have a choice during the day as one of the gang usually beats me to the radio and I wind up listing to 80s rock or The Current. When I have a choice, it really depends on the day but recently listening to alternative rock and a bit of Dubstep late at night.

G: What is your brewing background?

MH: Parents gave me a Northern Brewer kit and a copy of the “The Compete Joy of Homebrewing” when I was in college, and since then—Stroh, Seibel Institute, Stevens Point, Keoki, Firestone Walker, and Lift Bridge.


G: When did you decide you wanted to brew professionally?

MH: When I returned to Minnesota after school and started working for Stroh in the old Hamm’s Brewery.

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