Bauhaus’ revamped taproom re-opens with full table service

BauHaus Brew Labs newly renovated taproom // Photo by Aaron Job

BauHaus Brew Labs newly renovated taproom // Photo by Aaron Job

At last, the new-and-improved Bauhaus taproom is opening once again. This time, with more table space and, most exciting of all, full table service.

On Saturday, the brewery is officially re-opening its doors after a complete renovation of both the brewery and taproom. It’s a facelift that communications and marketing manager Maura Hagerty Schwandt says has been a long time coming. “We’re three and a half years into the business, and we’re at the point in the life cycle where changes need to be made.”

The brewery announced the plans for taproom renovations back in October when it revealed it acquired a new warehouse in Fridley for storage and distribution. CEO and head brewer Matt Schwandt explains, “While we love our taproom, we weren’t able to fully realize our vision for it when we did our initial build-out. It’s pretty amazing to get a second bite at that apple, and we’re thrilled that this renovation will really tie the taproom into the Bauhaus brand as it was originally intended.”

There’s new signage and updated interiors, an additional four taps (putting them at 16 total), and the corner stage was removed to make room for more seating. As Maura Hagerty Schwandt says, “now we finally get to build the bar of our dreams.”

Bauhaus Brew Labs' newly renovated bar // Photo by Aaron Job, The Growler

Bauhaus Brew Labs’ newly renovated bar features a sign reading “Gemütlichkeit” // Photos by Aaron Job, The Growler

Following the renovation, Bauhaus will be rolling out table service in the taproom—a rarity in Minnesota’s craft beer scene. “We’re going to go full-hog with it when we open up again,” says Schwandt. They hope adding servers will alleviate the pressure patrons can feel in quickly selecting a beer at a crowded bar, and give them time to mull or even ask questions without getting up from their table.

“Once they get up to the bar, they may not be absorbing the information given by the bartenders,” says Schwandt. “We’re trying to create an environment that’s unhurried.”

Bauhaus is the first beer-only production brewery in the Cities to roll out table service. But for those who still want to belly up to the bar to get their beer, they are still more than welcome.