Michigan Takes the Lead (Again) with Package of New, Beer-Friendly Laws

Michigan’s governor just signed a package of groundbreaking laws that could jump-start his state’s already booming craft beer industry. Minnesota, are you listening? By Brian Martucci Minnesota has plenty to boast about, but the state’s beer lovers have been looking east—beyond the Badger State (sorry, Wisconsin)—with a tinge of envy. On just about every conceivable … [ Read more]

Craft Cider in Full Bloom

By Brian Martucci In anticipation of this year’s significantly expanded Minneapolis Cider Week—slated for late May and orchestrated by Town Hall Brewery, with help from the fine folks at Artisanal Imports—it’s only fitting to take a hard look at the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. craft beverage market. Forget beer, folks. The U.S. market for … [ Read more]

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Atwater Brewery Decadent

Atwater Brewery Decadent ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 11   Decadent pours a very dark brown color, with room-filling aromas of sweet chocolate. Then it plays a trick on your palate, because this beer really isn’t that sweet. It’s medium bodied, surprisingly dry, with bitter dark chocolate flavors supported by a brown ale structure. This pairs well … [ Read more]

NorthGate Brewing Announces Upcoming Expansion and Imminent New Beer Release

by Brian Martucci Northgate Brewing must be doing something right. Barely 12 months after its grand opening, the Northeast stalwart has announced plans to move into a much larger space a few miles from its current California Street location. The new location, at 783 Harding St NE, has a lot going for it. Tucked into … [ Read more]

Michigan Looks to Crack Down on False Pints of Beer

By Brian Martucci Unless you have some bartending or restaurant management experience—and maybe not even then—you might not give much thought to the pint glasses that hold your favorite tap beers. A pint is a pint, right? Not necessarily. In another Midwestern state, industry players and laypeople alike are buzzing about a well-publicized legislative effort … [ Read more]

Why You Should Care That Marquette, Michigan’s Blackrocks Brewery Just Started Canning Its Brews

By Brian Martucci In mid-September, Blackrocks Brewery of Marquette, Michigan put the finishing touches on a new brewhouse on the outskirts of town and kicked its canning operation into high gear. “What’s that?” you say. “Everyone knows that Marquette is in Wisconsin. Also,  Blackrocks isn’t even a word. And why is there a picture of a snow-covered  yellow … [ Read more]

Chasing the Beer Scene: Michigan, Part Two

By Brian Martucci Thus far, the Growler has chased the beer scene in all of the states that share a land border with Minnesota, plus the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. In this issue, it’s only fitting that we traipse across the northern Wisconsin wilderness to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which shares an extensive water border with Minnesota via … [ Read more]

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