August Schell Brewing Co. Releases “Star of the North”

STAR OF THE NORTH will be available early NEXT WEEK in the Twin Cities metro area (Week of 7/15)

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The restored cypress tank at Schell’s. The tool shown, from their own brewery museum, was used to refit the metal rungs just as they would have been years ago.

The Star of the North, the first entry in Schell’s Noble Star Collection of Berlin-style wheat beers, has been crafted using a very rare, revived cypress fermentation tank. Schell’s restored the cypress tank, which was purchased by 3rd generation President Alfred Schell in 1936, specifically for their Noble Star Collection series.

Some trivia about Berliner Weisse: Napoleon’s troops adoringly referred to the tart and effervescent white beer of the Berlin (after occupation in 1809) as “The Champagne of the North.” In honor of this beer style, its history, and Minnesota’s great state motto, Schell’s crafted “Star of the North,” their interpretation of a traditional Berliner Weisse. They used an authentic mixed culture of yeasts and bacteria from Berlin for fermentation and aged it in one of their original cypress wood lagering tanks from 1936. The long secondary fermentation in the wooden tank allowed the defining characteristics of the beer to develop. It was then hand-filled, hand-labeled and bottle-conditioned, which allows it to continue to develop and evolve. This beer will be available in select liquor stores. Enjoy it straight in a pokal glass or mix in a shot of sweet raspberry or woodruff syrup, as is traditionally done in Berlin.



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