Dave Witt Gets DWitty

An Artist Profile of the Growler’s own cover artist.

By Jason Zabel

Dave Witt, or DWITT, is the cover artist for The Growler. You can find more of his work online at dwitt.com. We sat down with Dave and here’s what we learned:

Something strange: I hold the Lowertown St. Paul—and probably a larger geographic area than that—record for dancing with the most chairs on top of me. Thirteen of them. There are pictures to prove it.

Self-described: A level-headed creative type who works hard.

Medium: My medium of choice is ink with a brush. For all of my full color work I use ink and watercolor. No computers for me.

Digs: I live in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul. My wife tolerates the mess of my studio in the basement, where I do my screenprinting and most day-to-day work. I also have a studio in Lowertown St. Paul in the JAX building that I don’t use enough.

How to help artists: Buy our work. It’s pretty simple. The internet has made it possible for someone in Australia to see my work, and buy it. That was unheard of when I was in school, and has changed the game (and my life). The Twin Cities also has a LOT of events featuring local artists: Craftstravaganza, No Coast, Art-a-Whirl, and of course The Saint Paul Art Crawl (which I’ve been a part of for 12 years), plus art fairs… It’s a long list. Basically, if there is something in your life that you want, someone locally probably makes it, and it would be super cool of you to support them.

Favorite Beer: This changes with the seasons. I’ve been drinking a lot of Summit’s Dunkel Weizen lately. Flat Earth’s Angry Planet is a go-to beer for me. Usually I lean toward IPAs and hop-heavy stuff. When the fresh-hopped beers come out it’s a happy time for me.


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