8 women, 3 breweries, 1 beer: Danger Danger Pagan Pils

The women of Thirsty Pagan, Castle Danger, and Dangerous Man team up for a collaboration beer in honor of All Pints North

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Superior, Wisconsin’s, Thirsty Pagan Brewing will be serving Danger Danger Pagan Pils starting July 23. The beer is a collaboration between the women of Dangerous Man, Castle Danger, and Thirsty Pagan. // Photo by Michelle Sternberg, Sternberg Photography

The annual Dangerous Man Brewing Company staff retreat to northern Minnesota this April led to more than tighter bonds between coworkers.

While staying at the Castle Haven Cabins in Two Harbors, Minnesota, birthplace of Castle Danger Brewing, the boys of Dangerous Man and Castle Danger started talking about collaborating. The idea sounded pretty good to the other people hanging out there—namely, the ladies of those two breweries and Allyson Rolph, head brewer at Thirsty Pagan Brewing in Superior, Wisconsin.

The women didn’t waste any time choosing a beer and setting up a brew date. “We decided on something light for summer and kept it simple,” Allyson says.

The beer of choice: Danger Danger Pagan Pils, a 6.6% ABV pilsner made with Briess Pilsen malt, Czech Saaz and German Saphir hops, and Wyest Bohmian lager yeast. “The Saaz gives the pilsner an earthy, herbal flavor, and the Saphir adds the spice and definite notes of tangerine,” Allyson says.

Brew day was April 27 at Thirsty Pagan. Ashley Starr, Maggie Pears, Missi Sommers, Lilah Guertin, and Alesa Paulsen, all of Dangerous Man, headed up to help. Also there were John Leingang (Dangerous Man), Sarah Lee (Allyson’s partner and former Pagan bartender), and Jeredt Runions (a brewer at Thirsty Pagan). Jamie MacFarlane of Castle Danger couldn’t be there, but came down a few weeks later to dry hop the beer.

The goal was to have Danger Danger Pagan Pils ready to go for All Pints North, taking place Saturday, July 25, from 3–7pm in Bayfront Park in Duluth. While you won’t be able to get it at the festival, the beer will be on tap at Thirsty Pagan starting on Thursday, July 23. On the day of the fest, Thirsty Pagan will open at 11am and will be serving the brewpub’s famous BLT and Jalapeno Popper pizzas—both ideal ways to kick off a day of drinking up north.

Photos from the brewing process

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6.6% ABV
43 IBU (calculated)
Malt: Briess Pilsen
Hops: Czech Saaz and German Saphir (boil and dry hop)
Yeast: Wyest Bohmian Lager

Lilah Guertin (Dangerous Man)
Alesa Paulsen (Dangerous Man)
Maggie Pears (Dangerous Man)
John Leingang (Dangerous Man)
Ashley Starr (Dangerous Man)
Missi Sommers (Dangerous Man)
Sarah Lee (Thirsty Pagan)
Allyson Rolph (Thirsty Pagan)
Jeredt Runions (Thirsty Pagan)
Jamie MacFarlane (Castle Danger)


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