5 Minnesota Comedians to Watch in 2015

Marial Headshot2Marial Elizabeth


It’s going to be tough for Marial Elizabeth to top 2014.

Less than two years into her comedy career, Elizabeth took second place in Acme Comedy Co.’s Funniest Person Contest, and advanced to the finals in Joke Joint Comedy Club’s inaugural Best Comedian Ever Contest.

“The Acme contest was really big for me, because it lead to a lot more opportunities,” she says. “I’m doing a radio spot pretty soon, and I’ve been getting calls to work on other shows.”

While she’s been on the fast-track to success, Elizabeth got her start in comedy for the same reason many of us choose to try new things: she was bored of her day job.

“I was kind of burned out on my day job and decided to sign up for an improv class at Brave New Workshop,” she recalls. “It was a blast, but I realized I didn’t like relying on other people and decided I wanted to be up there by myself.”

She quickly took to the local scene, and identified with the cast of characters who frequented the clubs.

“I met all of these great people who were just total misfits, but are really beautiful people,” she says. “I was like, ‘These guys make me feel so normal!’”

Much like hundreds of wannabe comedians who have come and gone over the years, Elizabeth admits that she had a sense of false confidence early on.

“I thought I was hysterical, and then I found out that I was the worst,” she laughs. “The best thing for me though was meeting other comedians who said they felt the same way when they first started out, and that it was just about putting in the time.”

Her perseverance has paid off, as she has caught the attention of comedians, clubs and fans alike, establishing her as a one of the most promising up-and-comers in town.

“When I started, I thought that I was going to be on Comedy Central like, next week,” she says. “Now that I’ve actually been doing this I think I’m at a really good place for a year and a half in. I’m hoping to start working the road this year and getting on new stages locally and outside of Minnesota.”

“Home Club” – Joke Joint Comedy Club

“They’re the first ones who really gave me the confidence to think I could be good at comedy, and they’re the first ones to give me real work.”

Where You Can See Her Next

January 17 at Running Aces Harness Park; Joke Joint Comedy Club’s Wednesday Open Mic Night.

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