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RaghavRaghav Mehta


You might recognize this name for somewhere other than comedy. That’s because Mehta has a background in journalism, and has interviewed some of the biggest names in comedy for various publications around town. It was because of this job that he actually made the move to telling jokes of his own.

“I had just finished college, and I got sort of sick of writing about other people,” he recalls. “I figured that since I had an interest in art and performance, and I had friends who did stand-up, maybe I’d give it a shot.”

He did exactly that in early 2012, when he signed up for the Friday open mic at Comedy Corner Underground.

“I didn’t really have high expectations for myself,” he says. “I didn’t think I’d be that good. Not that I was great or anything, but I was better than I thought I’d be.”

After that, Mehta became a regular at the club, building his material and becoming more comfortable on stage. Ultimately, he began working behind the scenes to help run the club, and has continued to help the club grow while growing himself as a comedian.

“It never seemed realistic to me to become a comedian, but after about six months I finally started looking at this as something I could really do.”

While other comedians are looking at the year ahead as a time for more exposure on stage, the thing that makes Mehta a potential breakout part of the scene is the thing that introduced him to comedy in the first place: his writing.

“I’m working on jokes and trying to write material more regularly, but I’m also hoping get myself out through some various comedy websites and online magazines. At my core, I’m a writer, and I think my background in journalism and my experience in comedy give me a good base for that outlet.”

“Home Club” – Comedy Corner Underground.

Editors Note: This piece was originally published with Acme Comedy Club listed as Raghav’s home club. Comedy Corner Underground is in fact Mr. Mehta’s “home club.”

Where You Can See Him Next

Friday nights at Comedy Corner Underground.

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