5 Minnesota Comedians to Watch in 2015

JennSchaalJenn Schaal


While you can find many comedians elbowing each other for stage time at some of the area’s established stages, Jenn Schaal has managed to crossover into less traveled rooms.

These past few weeks Schaal has participate in the inaugural “I AM ST. PAUL!” event alongside some of St. Paul’s best artists from all walks of life, as well as the emceed for Mystic Lake Casino’s comedy club, and opened for Todd Bridges (yeah, THAT Todd Bridges) at New Hope Cinema Grill. According to Schaal, her eclectic schedule of appearances aren’t necessarily by accident.

“I think it’s important not to isolate myself,” she says. “There’s a whole big world out there, and I like crossing over into other areas of comedy. I do a lot of networking in my day job, which has also given me the opportunity to take on new experiences, which have helped me a ton development-wise.”

Even though she’s comfortable on any stage now, Schaal first cut her teeth on the small stage at Bryant Lake Bowl.

“Each club has a different place in the scene, which is part of why there are so many great performers in town,” she says. “When I first started out, there was a showcase at Bryant Lake Bowl where I was able to get booked because I had worked with a comedian named Jason Shommer,” she recalls. “Until then, I had no clue that working as a comedian was a thing you could do. Before then, I was just that annoying person at parties with jokes. Now I’m a less annoying person at parties with jokes.”

While she’s still focused on what’s ahead in her comedy career, Schaal has advice for those just now coming up in the scene that she learned from her own past.

“Don’t’ be a dick,” she says. “Everyone sucks for a while. Just figure out your own voice and don’t worry about the drama or what other people think.”

“Home Club” – Joke Joint Comedy Club

“I love the Joke Joint because it’s really homey and not pretentious. I think that comedy is always better when you’re having fun, and I always have a lot of fun there.”

Where You Can See Her Next

Joke Joint Comedy Club’s Wednesday Open Mic Night.

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