5 Minnesota Comedians to Watch in 2015

5 MN Comedians To Watch // Photo by Aaron Davidson

Aaron Davidson // The Growler Magazine

The Twin Cities are known for attracting the best stand-up comedy talent in the country. Every week, clubs from all over the area bring in top-notch headliners, who constantly mention Minnesota as one of their favorite places to perform.

But most nights, comedy fans leave the club saying things like, “The headliner was good, but [insert local comedian] who went on before them was hilarious.” We know that we’re a little biased, but our emcees and features are better than a lot of the headliners who come through town, and our open mic nights could easily be Saturday night shows in any other part of the country.

Each year it seems like a handful of comedians make that leap from “the next big thing” to “the big thing” in local comedy, leaving fans telling their friends about how they used to see that performer before they got big. To help you up your comedy street cred, we’re giving you a look at the five Minnesota comics you need to watch in 2015.

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