5 Minnesota comedians to watch in 2016

John Thomas

Acme Comedy Company’s Funniest Person Contest turns out some incredible talent. Mary Mack, Andy Erikson, and Tim Harmston, for example, have competed in the competition only to later headline at the same club. It’s easy to imagine last year’s winner, John Thomas, doing the same.

john thomas

John Thomas

Thomas, who initially tried stand-up as a college freshman in Long Island, began pursuing his comedy aspirations in the summer of 2013 at the Hat Trick Bar in St. Paul. Since then, he’s become a fixture at some of the funniest shows around town, including his very own showcase, New Television, which he co-produces every Monday night at Acadia.

“I would say my proudest moment was that first New Television show that Jared Hemming and I put on at Acadia last March,” Thomas recalls. “We didn’t really know what we were doing, but it’s been such a joy to host over this past year. It’s really taught me how to be a comedian.”

With some impressive credits already on his resume, Thomas has his sights set on big things for the upcoming year. “I have three goals for 2016. First, I want to start working at Acme. […] I want to be one of the best comedians alive, and Acme is the best place to learn what I need to learn to make that happen,” he says. “Second, I would like to record a half-hour special of all the jokes I’ve written during college. […] Third, I want to bring Phony, the comedian magazine of which I am co-publisher, to a wider audience by increasing our circulation to 3,000 a month.”

As a writer, producer, performer, and co-publisher, there is no shortage of outlets for Thomas to showcase his talents in 2016 and beyond.

Where you can see him next: Thomas is a regular at Boy Kisses, taking place Sundays at 7:30pm at Universe Games in Uptown. You can also catch him hosting New Television open mic night at Acadia Mondays at 10pm.

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