3 Sheeps Really Cool Waterslides IPA

PRINCETON_Waterslides3 Sheeps Brewing Company

Really Cool Waterslides IPA
6.2% ABV, 60 IBU

We love IPAs. We also really like cool waterslides. So naturally, an IPA called Really Cool Waterslides is going to rank pretty high in our books. An aroma reminiscent of oranges dumped in soap takes over the smell profile. Don’t worry: that is a great smell in an IPA. The bitter soapiness really shines on first taste and stays around until the last sip. Orangey citrus notes balance out the bitterness. This beer is from Wisconsin, so pair it with some good old-fashioned ‘Sconnie cheese curds.

Princeton’s Liquor

12790 Bass Lake Rd, Maple Grove

341 Central Ave, Osseo

The Princeton’s name has been in the booze industry since 1934, the year Princeton’s Saloon opened. In 1979, Joel Princeton opened up Princeton’s Liquors in Maple Grove. In 1997, his son Bill started and developed an affinity to beers not served at college parties. His love for craft beers helped turn Princeton’s Maple Grove into the craft beer store it is today.


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