2015 Minnesota State Fair Food, Reviewed

Minnesota State Fair 2013_8

The gastronomic adventurers flocked to the first day of the 2015 Minnesota State Fair and have compiled their reports on the newest fair foods:

Heavy Table

Three Best: Espresso Float (Java Jive), Butter Queen Coffee Ice Cream (Hamline Dining Hall), Limerick Stix (O’Gara’s).

Three Worst: Deep Fried Ribs (Ball Park Cafe), Up Nort Shoreman’s Lunch (Blue Barn), Oslo Taco (Shanghaied Henri’s)

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, MSP Mag

Three Best: Berry Pop Rocks French Toast (Blue Barn), Tikka on a Stikka (Midtown Global @ Int’l Bazaar), Salted Caramel Puff Sundae (Dairy Barn)

Three Worst: Jalapeno Chocolate Ice Cream (Rainbow Ice Cream), Seafood Sliders (MN Wine Country), Spam Burger

Rick Nelson, Star Tribune

Raves: Butter Queen Coffee Ice Cream, Peach Greek Yogurt Parfait (Produce Exchange), Bacon-Caramel Roll (MN Farmer’s Union)

Passes: Island Slaw (Island Noodles), Korean Tacos (Shanghaied Henri’s), BBQ Pickle Ice Cream (R&R Ice Cream)

City Pages

Raves: Maple Bacon Funnel Cake (Funnel Cakes), Meatloaf Hash (Blue Barn), Butter Chicken Samosas (Midtown Global @ Int’l Bazaar)

Passes: Grandma Deb’s Snicker Bar Salad (Blue Barn), Deep Fried Ribs, Wine-Fried Kalettes (MN Wine Country)


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